Goods new & update infos

2016-07-03 21:04:07 by UnderTrack

Hi guys & girls, UnderTrack's here with a few good news...

 - First going on Project Remnant :

  - Light Novel : The story line is completed, 3 tomes of the primal history, 3 alternatives ones that's are more deep in thought. Half each tomes is done, I guess I'll publish it online in few month, or at least in less than 2 years.
  - Maps : Somes bugs with the script and Windows incompatibilities, so it advance pretty slowly, but all is overall ready. Just need to finish details, maps, and character's background.

 - Project UnderCry :

  - Game : Be patient, we're two working on it, so it's long, I advanced the scenario and character background, so job half done on this part of the designing (2 years of hard work) But still lot of work. (at least not up until 10 years maybe 20.)

 - Others issues : The quantic computer is still up, we're actually searching on about how developping the bios, and finding cheap components. The political revolution is abandonned, it's preferable to wait a civil war or an apocalypse. UDC will be watching, so don't worry, nuclear bombs aren't a real danger. (Trust me, I'm russi- French... yeah a frenchi from mother russia)

So good life and fair world.

Friendly, Underen, Idrillian liberal soldier.

I'll be absent for a while...

2015-06-30 13:38:00 by UnderTrack

Hey guy & girls, I'm going to update the wohle integrity of all my activities on the web, It's will take a while, I'll update my website, my 1st & 2nd Youtube Channels and all the social network where I was, like facebook, twitter, newground, sploder etc... It's will start early in July and I'lll be busy with tons of work until I finsh moving on. So good bye and nice year ! :)